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Who am I?

Hi my name is Yannick Lange, a 25 year old Product Designer, 

A social, sportive guy that, if interested, can really set his mind on something. Can be stubborn from time to time, but only in the best interest of the result. I would describe myself as open-minded, although the matter should be substantial. Studying Industrial Product Design at the Hague University, I quickly realized this was the world for me. Creating, imagining has always been my thing, always trying to make the next, bigger, better, different than the previous.

With anything…

Product design.

Sketching, inventing, designing and visualizing, are the keywords I would describe product designing with. The base of a product is more than just an idea, it's a cloud, could go anywhere, grow any size. There are many variables shaping this "cloud".

In this metaphor,“Product Designers” could represent the  wind, one of the biggest influences. It's about how we perceive reality, users, usefulness and beauty what makes a product the way it is.

In the end, everything is, and should be,


What else?

Besides the obvious of Product design, I am specifically keen on visualizing a product. Making a non-existing product almost touchable. The presentation of a product is important, especially when it's the first time somebody sees it, so it should look finished. When I have a spare moment, I enjoy myself digging in information regarding anything graphics/illustrations or gadgety, near geeky.

Besides this "geeky" part I am glad to be a passionate snowboard instructor/freestyler in the winter and a rollerblader/mountainbiker in the summer bust-in,breaking the everyday rut to get the adrenaline flowing when time grants me this.